About Us

Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Integrative Medicine Clinic in Denver, CO.

Peak Vitality & The Premier Medical Group were founded on the purpose to help as many people possible, naturally to reduce reliance upon the use of drugs or surgery. We constantly strive to advance and explore care options, therapies, and techniques that are natural and can improve an individuals quality of life.

People often ask why do we push so hard to combine cutting edge therapies and testing along with proven natural therapies? The answer is simple, if there is a better and safer effective way to get it done, we want to be doing it. It’s important for practitioners to keep up with the latest research and developments in health care strategies, which is why we require all of our practitioners and clinicians to constantly learn and sharpen their skills.

How Does That Make Us Different?

In 2007 the Journal of the American Medical Association published a report that showed that it took nearly a decade for a majority of the medical community to stop doing and suggesting therapies and care such as surgical interventions and medications that had been “unequivocally vanquished by science.” Which means that the majority of practitioners are engaged in practices that have either been shown NOT to be the best option or possibly not effective at all. Our organization sets our standards high, and our goal is clear….to provide the best to our patients based on their individual needs.

Testing – The First Step in Healing.

Healing requires an abundance of healthy activity in our bodies. Rushing into a therapy without doing the due diligence of discovering the root cause behind an unhealthy situation to occur is overly simplistic and shortsighted. This has been the mistake of many clinicians and patients. Unfortunately we see time and time again that exact narrowed perspective when it comes to the patients overall health. This would be much like thinking that by taking a multivitamin a person can offset years of deficiencies and a poor diet. On that point, it’s important to understand that one can not simply expect healing and restoration of health to occur in a toxic or depleted environment. For this reason alone, our care begins with performing the a thorough healthy history consultation, exams and getting the correct tests. Our mantra is “test don’t guess”, as we look deeply to discover if your body has what it needs to do it’s job. We look at the entire picture of a patients health, this is done through an Integrative Functional lens. As the saying goes, “If you don’t have a target, you will miss every time.”

Care from an Integrative Perspective.

Once we have a full picture of your health and your current condition, we begin by applying our proprietary systematic approach. We have many care options from restorative injections, nutritional supplements, herbs and vitamins IV’s to peptides and acupuncture. There is however only one you! So the combination of therapies are based on what will serve you best and will be provided to you in a step by step road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Teaching – The Key to Health Independence.

Health can be a little daunting, we all know this to be true. Compound this with all the different dysfunctions in a persons body and what has to change in order to hold space for healing to occur and you find yourself a little overwhelmed. How can a person expect to make all these changes and stay on course? This answer is through mentoring and teaching. We feel very strongly that everyone deserves to have their health independence, how else to do that other than by giving them the knowledge to do so. Thats exactly what we want to do for you. You will find that our programs of care not only include One-On-One coaching with one of our Wellness Educators, but we also have weekly classes to teach you the basics of health and how to keep yours once you’ve gotten it back.

Getting Started – The Path To a New You

Many patients have turned to our team in order to regain their health and vitality, and some even to optimize their health and regain what life and living has taken away. From overseas and neighboring countries, patients come to us from all over. Not matter where you are, or even how hopeless you feel your situation may be…….everyone can be healthier. We truly believe that your health should not be the limiting factor of happiness in your life and we want to give you the chance to find out if we can help you and if you are the right fit for our office. If your health is your number one priority and you are ready to take responsibility and make the necessary changes we are looking for you. It all starts by contacting our office or by attending one of our free educations seminars.