Lifestyle Medicine in Denver, CO.

Achieving the goal of longevity begins with a healthy lifestyle. After all, who wants to live longer if you don’t have the well-being needed to enjoy it?

At Peak Vitality, our integrative team creates individualized lifestyle plans to help our patients continue to feel great and maintain optimum vitality well into their later years. To ensure that each lifestyle plan is catered to the patient’s unique needs, we utilize advanced testing to evaluate stress hormones, nutrient status, immune function, cardiovascular and neurological function, gut microbiota, genetics, and inflammation markers. Together, we use these test results to build a comprehensive lifestyle plan that includes education and programs of care designed to fortify and restore a patient’s health.

Our programs of care include acupuncture, IV therapy, peptide therapy, functional nutrition, health advising, hormone optimization, ozone injections, prolotherapy as well as ongoing medical exams, tests, and assessments.

Holistic Lifestyle Management

When it comes to enhancing an individual’s lifestyle, Peak Vitality aims to provide therapeutic benefits through the use of holistic, non-invasive protocols. Additionally, our team aims to involve the patient in their own healthcare decisions as much as possible. This way, we can be certain that we’re recommending techniques that stand to provide the most benefit for an individual’s specific needs.

Our goal is to help patients live gracefully, without pain, no matter which life stage they’re in. Our integrative team strives to provide care options that don’t present unpleasant side effects, significant recovery times, or major interferences with other health regimens already being followed.

Adequate nutrition, regular exercise, hormone optimization, and health services that reduce pain and increase mobility are ideal components of an effective lifestyle care plan. Peak Vitality’s approach depends on an array of different tests, as well as the collection and interpretation of medical histories, so that we can cater each step of our care plans to enhance the wellbeing of each patient we see.

Maintaining one’s health throughout any life stage involves focusing on concerns in each body system. Rather than simply masking unpleasant symptoms, getting to the root cause of fatigue, aches, pains, and general unwellness can help our patients improve their holistic health from the inside out. Reinforcing the best performance in each body system grants the health and energy needed to take full advantage of a long, high-quality life.

Robert George Testimonial

Robert was suffering from horrible shoulder pain from some old injuries. The pain had gotten so bad it was affecting his sleep and he could barely raise both arms above his belt line. His doctors had recommended shoulder surgery. Watch how he was able to avoid surgery, drop some weight, and get back to swimming laps on a weekly basis with the help of Peak Vitality!

Kayleen Jeffery Testimonial

After Kayleen’s husband went to Peak Vitality for help with his joint pain she decided to see if they could help her with her Multiple Sclerosis. Watch how Peak Vitality helped Kayleen find a new lease on life!

Christine & Balwinder Singh Testimonial

Learn how attending a simple seminar from Peak Vitality changed this couples life.

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Your Health Starts Here

Flexible and same-day appointments.

Or call us at 720-504-8068