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The pursuit for longer living starts with the pursuit of better living, after all, who wants to live longer if you don’t have your health or the energy to enjoy it. We create individualized lifestyle plans to help you continue to feel great and maintain vitality well into your latter years. This starts with advanced testing to look at stress hormones, nutrient deficiencies, gut microbiota, genetics and inflammation. Together we use these to build a comprehensive lifestyle plan that includes education and treatments designed to fortify and restore your health. Treatments include acupuncture, IV treatments, peptide therapy, functional nutrition, hormone optimization and restorative therapy.

Robert George Testimonial

Robert was suffering from horrible shoulder pain from some old injuries. The pain had gotten so bad it was affecting his sleep and he could barely raise both arms above his belt line. His doctors had recommended shoulder surgery. Watch how he was able to avoid surgery, drop some weight, and get back to swimming laps on a weekly basis with the help of Peak Vitality!

Kayleen Jeffery Testimonial

After Kayleen’s husband went to Peak Vitality for help with his joint pain she decided to see if they could help her with her Multiple Sclerosis. Watch how Peak Vitality helped Kayleen find a new lease on life!

Christine & Balwinder Singh Testimonial

Learn how attending a simple seminar from Peak Vitality changed this couples life.

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