Autoimmunity in Denver, CO.

Autoimmune diseases are growing exponentially in type and prevalence, meaning that every day there are new autoimmune conditions on the scene and more people falling prey to the multitude of damaging affects. Away from the complexity of these conditions are very basic keys our body’s need in order to have a chance to properly regulate an out of control immune system. Our programs work to discover those pieces. Common autoimmune disorders such as M.S., Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis are undoubtedly on the rise, but there is no need to remain hopeless. With targeted nutrition and the latest in peptide therapies, our team can help you meet your health goals and regain the life that you were meant to live. We find that with the right combination of therapies, relief is possible and sustainable.

Common Autoimmunity Conditions: The inflammation plays on Autoimmunity

Common autoimmune conditions can drive other diseases. Learn more about how autoimmunity could be causing more damage than you know!

How Genetics Affects Autoimmunity: A Functional Approach to Autoimmune Conditions

Do you or does someone you know have autoimmunity? Is it genetic or is it something else? Dan Kellams reviews how autoimmune conditions and their underlying inflammation can be helped with Functional Medicine.

Marci Steiner Testimonial

Marci had been suffering from 4 different autoimmune diseases and couldn’t get answers or relief from her doctors. She barely had any energy for her children and her quality of life was at an ultimate low. Watch how the team at Peak Vitality were able to help her take control of her health and start enjoying life!

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