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The gut is our second brain, the root of our immune system, the key system that allows us to take in nutrients and get rid of waste. The digestive system is inherently linked to nearly every system of the body. It’s no wonder that our gut is the gateway to either longevity or a life of chronic illness and disease. Emphasis on gut health is critical to overall prognosis and often takes center stage in the treatment of many conditions such as autoimmunity, osteoporosis, spectrum disorders, ADD and ADHD, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infertility, neurodegeneration and cancer.

Early Symptoms of Gut Issues

While there can be many warning signs that there is an issue within the digestive tract itself, many individuals will only have symptoms that do not include the digestive system at all. Non digestive symptoms that are common include alopecia, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, bone density issues, hormone imbalances, fertility problems, issues with memory, heart problems and fatigue.

On the other hand, early digestive dysfunction may include gut related symptoms such as food sensitivities, bloating, acid reflux, gas, constipation, loose stools, loss of appetite, dry mouth or the presence of mucus and or blood in the stools.

Why knowing gut health is a MUST!

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The Peak Approach

We like to follow the rule “leave no stone unturned” rather than make assumptions about an individual’s health. It’s for this reason we prefer to do a thorough workup of intestinal and digestive health with nearly everyone. We analyze microbes, mucosal health, natural antibodies and inflammatory markers in order to correctly identify challenges to overall gut health.

Once we have identified the root issues we get to work on supporting the natural healthy functions of the body and digestive tract with clinically relevant lifestyle interventions that include specific probiotics, prebiotics, brush border enzymes, intestinal motility support, fiber rich foods, flavonoids, intestinal and neuro peptides, acupuncture, dietary guidance and much more. Each therapeutic approach and care plan is based on the individual.

Not only do our patients often find relief from digestive related conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac’s Disease and Eosinophilic Esophagitis but others have found relief from many of the conditions mentioned above.

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Your Health Starts Here

Flexible and same-day appointments.

Or call us at 720-504-8068