Women’s Hormones in the Denver, CO. Area

Fertility issues have an array of causes and complications. While physical and hormonal disorders are typical root causes of infertility, mental and emotional stresses can add to the challenges an individual or couple is already facing.

At Peak Vitality, Dr. Dan Kellams and his team understand that what affects the mind will affect the body, and what affects the body will affect the mind.

As such, the medical professionals at this Denver-area holistic health center strive to bring the body and mind into harmonious balance to improve fertility and overall health.

Whole Body Health

Rather than focusing on fertility treatment alone, Dr. Kellams strives to get to the root of the problem by running thorough tests and examinations. He treats every patient as unique individuals and as such, treatments are fully customized.

In addition to discovering the underlying causes of fertility issues, the staff at Peak Vitality offer therapeutic aid and treatment to improve overall health in addition to fertility. These therapies may include nutritional monitoring, supplementation, and gentle exercise to bring the mind and body into balance.

Stress management and the avoidance of dangerous habits are additional beneficial steps toward improving reproductive health. Part of managing stress may include smoking or alcohol cessation and weight management. Diet and an appropriate level of exercise help balance hormonal levels and maintain a proper BMI. Both have been shown to improve fertility in men and women.

The primary goal of fertility treatment is to encourage conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a new member of your family. However, the first step toward improving reproductive health is developing whole-body health. With proper nutrition and stress management, fertility treatment is more likely to be beneficial.

Holistic Fertility Treatment

If you live in the Denver metropolitan area, and you’d like to pursue holistic fertility treatment, look no further than Peak Vitality. Our experienced staff does everything in our power to provide the best natural treatment options possible. Each treatment plan is carefully catered to fit the needs of our patients.

Peak Vitality serves the Denver area. We are located in Greenwood Village, though we regularly help patients from many of the surrounding areas. This includes Cherry Creek, Cherry Hills, Cory-Marrow, Parker, Denver Tech Center, Centennial, Wash Park, Bonnie Brae, Observatory Park, the Pinery, Highlands Ranch, and Hilltop.

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