I was waking up consistently at 4 AM with no rhyme or reason. I would regularly get sleepy between two and four in the afternoon, which was not optimal for a nurse working 8-12 hour shifts. I was bloated and and had poor bowel health.

I was taking supplements based on symptoms I had purchased on Amazon. According to Dr. Dan, my only saving grace was the vitamin D supplements, as he commented I looked a lot better than my lab work. He took the time to discuss my lab work with me and paired me with a coach who was my perfect flavor. Jennifer Gibbons and I hit it off immediately.

Through the months that we were together, she was my biggest cheerleader, an amazing teacher, a knowledgeable educator, and now someone I can call my friend. Her assessments were thorough. She took the time to listen. In the middle of the program, I got Covid pretty bad, having to be on oxygen for the better part of a month. Though there were setbacks from that, she continued to work with me until the program finished.

Even though I did not follow the program 100%, I was provided and implemented the tools to help me lose 20 pounds. My gut health was improved. I lost less hair. My sleep patterns improved. I did not have the sluggish periods in the afternoon. Most importantly, my affect and mental well-being did a 180.