“Dr. Dan is amazing! He listened to me and gave me a whole print out and explanation of my lab work. He explained to me how to eat and why. And when I saw him, I was 336 lbs on Jan. 14, and now I am at 300.”


“I’ve been struggling with fatigue and trying to lose weight for a couple of years. The testing is very detailed compared to other places. They are very attentive to any concerns and truly want to help you get better. I feel so much better in several aspects of my...


“Dr. Dan is probably the most knowledgeable healthcare provider I’ve ever talked to. I’m really not sure what I would have done without him.”

JJ Hulsebus

I was waking up consistently at 4 AM with no rhyme or reason. I would regularly get sleepy between two and four in the afternoon, which was not optimal for a nurse working 8-12 hour shifts. I was bloated and and had poor bowel health. I was taking supplements based on...